About Me

I am Eli Saut Silalahi, male, just an ordinary geologist, I graduated from geological engineering department Gadjah Mada University in February 21st 2007 then joined British Petroleum company started March 2007 untill now. Recently, I live in Jakarta.

For all my friends (geologist) I am glad to invite all of you to discuss, share and learn about sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy. Our discussion is not limited with sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy but also related topics, such as subsurface geology, surface geology, environmental geology, geology applied to petroleum (oil and gas), coal, geothermal, hidrogeology, geothecnical, lanslide, etc……pokoke semua bidang geologi teman-teman….!!!!

Oh yeah, I”ll tell you a part of my Educational Detail, I am a Bataknese but I grew up in Jambi province, Sumatra island. I finished my Elementary School at SDN 124/IV Telanaipura Jambi, then my Junior High School was SLTPN 11 Jambi and My Senior High School was SMUN 1 Jambi (SMANSA Jambi). After finishing my Senior High School, I continued to Gadjah Mada University took majoring Geology. So, please do not hesitate to be my partner of discussion. I discuss everything : geology, life, love (not really) and everything. Okay then.

Eli Saut Silalahi…..panggil aku lai, berasal dari kata Eli (dibaca’i lai)…..okay…

My mail : silalahi_eli@yahoo.com

My phone : perkenalkan dululah diri anda baru kita tuker-tukeran nomor.


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